12835% earned across all systems

Control Forex is an experienced team, which is engaged in fund management for companies and hedge funds, and now for individual investors. We are the people hired by companies and various funds to provide and support all the technical part of the work and manage their capital.

Our advantages:

  • Verified live trading since 2015 year
  • Over 12 835% of total profit on all the accounts
  • Over 10 verified live accounts managed by different trading systems
  • Unparalleled trading system, super reliable and profitable – ControlFX
  • All our systems are perfectly compatible with any MT4 broker
  • Team of traders and coders with more than 12 years of Forex experience
Here is an overall graph of all our systems. All the trading results are verified and updated online by an independent company Myfxbook
Total profit > 12 835%

We have more than 10 accounts with different systems that you can find at "Performance" page and in our Myfxbook accounts: ControlFX and Our other trading systems. But our most important achievement, which has unprecedented trading results - is a Forex system ControlFX. It took us several years to develop this system, but when we finished it, the system exceeded all our expectations. It allows to earn 50-200% profit per month when using different degrees of aggressive settings. In the conservative trading mode with a risk of only 5%, it brings a profit of 2.5% to 10% per month. We developed ControlFX specifically for trading on our personal accounts, as well as for fund management of companies and investors’ accounts.

What is ControlForex

ControlFX is a complex, highly intelligent system that uses the power of 3 servers to maintain its accurate and reliable operation. Each of the servers additionally has a system that ensures its uninterrupted work. In case one of the servers fails, the other 2 will take over its work, providing a non-stop stable operation of the system for as much time as needed. This trading system constantly monitors more than 25 currency pairs online, analyzing them from the point of view of many different strategies and algorithms built into the system. Having found the most profitable and reliable strategy for a specific Market situation, the ControlFX system starts trading. Such an approach is absolutely unique and provides impressive results in terms of the profit/risk ratio.

Expected results of different trading styles:

  • Monthly goal 2-8%
  • Annual goal 50-60%
  • Max risk 3-4%
  • Monthly goal 8-30%
  • Annual goal 180-260%
  • Max risk 15%
  • Monthly goal 50-200%
  • Annual goal 1000-2000%
  • Max risk 100%

The ControlFX system is very flexible and allows to personalize it for any investor’s needs. Expected profits and risks mentioned above are calculated on the basis of only one of the possible settings of our system. After we learn your personal preferences in the style of trading, risks and the amount of a deposit, we will select for you the best settings out of many possible, and calculate the expected profit and risk for each of them.