What is a managed Forex account?

It is an investment account, the owner of which is an individual investor. Such an account is being constantly supervised by a professional money manager or a group of managers. The managers get permission from the investor to trade on his/her behalf in Forex market in order to get profits. The managers do not have access to the invested capital, they are not able to withdraw money from it, they only get paid a commission (performance fee).

How much is the management fee?

We do not charge any fixed account management fees. We take only the performance fee - a fixed percentage from profits you receive, thanks to our trading on your account.

Is my investment safe?

Safety of your investment is primary for us. Therefore, during our trading on your account, the most accurate and reliable method of limiting drawdowns is always used - StopLoss.
Regarding the location of your investments and their safety, it all depends on the broker you choose personally (if needed, we can advise you reliable brokers). Your account and deposit are registered on a broker under your name, and all the rights to do any operations with them belong to you only. You just provide us with access to trade on your personal account.

Can I withdraw money from my account at any time?

Yes, you can do that at any time. But we recommend that you first inform us about this, so that we could make the necessary changes in the system settings.

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