About us

Who we are:

Control Forex is a team of professionals, some of which have been working in Forex since 2008. For us, Forex is not just a hobby or something temporary. We are engaged in the development of trading systems, data analysis and support of our clients every day during all the working hours. For us this is work and also our passion, but most importantly, this is what we do best.

Our team constantly grows. Every year we get more and more professional employees, who bring new ideas and even more opportunities to the team.


Because we approach our work professionally, we use many reliable servers to ensure a stable operation of our automated trading strategies. Also, for account management we use our most proven and fast servers to trade on your accounts without any delays and failures. We also use powerful servers for the most effective development of new Forex robots, which is a unique approach in this field. We develop strategy codes in a special way, so that later our servers could automatically, by means of numerous and long lasting calculations, determine for them: the best settings, the most suitable currency pairs and choose the most favorable conditions for their work.

Our team is not just developers of EAs, we are a laboratory of development and testing of various trading systems.