ControlFX system:

For your convenience, and to make it more clear, all the statistics are divided into two sections and two Myfxbook accounts. The first section is the live statistics of our main trading system - ControlFX. Below are the results of various modifications and settings of our system, which differ in trading style, risks and strategies used within the ControlFX system itself.

In each of the ControlFX system names, you can notice symbols “R, S” which means a modification of the system. Some versions of the system could still be in beta testing and are shown simply for informational purposes, and for you to get familiar with our developments.

R – This is the very first version of our system that has the longest trading period. It uses a simpler way of analyzing the Market and choosing strategies as compared to other modifications.

S – It is the next generation of our system, that allows to adjust the system and frequency of its trading more accurately. Also it uses a more intellectual Market analysis and selection of trading strategies. Because of that, it is more profitable.

Thanks to its profitability, the system quickly covers potential losses. Its efficiency is still being tested, so it is currently in a Beta testing phase.

ControlFX_R1_Risk Reduced to 30%
ControlFX_R1_Redused 30 – successful Forex fund management

ControlFX_R1_Risk Reduced to 30% - version of the "R" system. In the beginning of trading, on this account had been used the most aggressive MM (Money Management), which resulted in such a huge profitability. Later the risks were decreased, and after some time even reduced to 30%. In case of reaching Stop Loss, we will lose no more than 30% of the deposit. This system works in conjunction with the system on the account “ControlFX_R2_Risk 100%”, which means that these two accounts always work using different strategies and never trade in the same way.

ControlFX_R_Risk 18%
ControlFX_R_Risk 18% - verified Myfxbook statistic of Forex account management

ControlFX_R_Risk 18% - version of the "R" system. On this account is used MM (Money Management) with a medium risk. In case of reaching Stop Loss, the total loss will not exceed 18%.

ControlFX_S_Multi_Risk 100%
ControlFX_S_Multi_Risk 100% - best account management help to trade using more accurate signals

ControlFX_S_Multi_Risk 100% - version of the “S” system. In this system, it is possible to adjust the frequency and accuracy of trading. Also, the prefix "Multi" means that the system trades on many different currency pairs (Up to 30 different pairs can be used, but no more than 3 at a time).

Our other trading systems:

This is the second section of statistics, which shows live results of many other Forex robots of our firm. There are live statistics from 2015, 2016. These graphs are presented by us so that you can be convinced of our professionalism, and the fact that we have been successfully working in this area for a long time. We have a big team and we are constantly working on new Forex systems.

Nonetheless, we recommend using ControlFX system for account management.

Forex robot 1
Forex Robot 1 – best results via Forex account management
Forex robot 2
Forex Robot 2 – account management grants high profit
Forex robot 3
Forex Robot 3 – Forex managed account is the best way to make money
Forex robot 4
Forex Robot 4 – Profit through Forex account management services
Forex robot 5
Forex Robot 5 – Managed Forex trading accounts have live statistics on Myfxbook
Forex robot 6
Forex Robot 6 – Forex managed account has best real results and statistics
Forex robot 7
Forex Robot 7 - ControlForex provide a service of trust management of Forex accounts
Forex robot 8
Forex Robot 8 – ControlFX provides the best Forex account management services