How PAMM works?

PAMM service allows you to trade together (simultaneously) with the account manager. Your account funds will be virtually added to the joint PAMM account on which ControlForex trades its funds. This will ensure an exact replication of our trading on your account. All this is provided by the licensed platform of the broker and allows to get a full automation - from trading to paying of our commission.

At this account, we have been trading with different risk settings at different periods of time. Now we use risks with maximum Stop Loss of 20%. Our system has an extraordinary good profitability/risk ratio.

To join this PAMM account, you just need to open an account on FXOpen broker and connect to our PAMM account. Minimum investment is $5000.

Join to PAMM

PAMM service description

The PAMM Service is a software solution that makes possible to copy trade operations from Master account to one or more Followers accounts and helps to automatize profit/loss distribution. Master operates his/her personal funds through a given PAMM Account, and his/her trading strategy is replicated on the Followers' own funds. PAMM Account performance can be viewed and analyzed with the help of advanced analytics that provides information in digital and graphic forms.

PAMM Service guarantees exact and instantaneous copying of trades on Follower’s funds.

PAMM Service is a cutting edge software solution that is intended to unite experienced traders (Masters) and people who are interested in financial markets (Followers) all over the world. As a result of that cooperation every participant gets benefits.

More information about PAMM here.